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ERH Technology Solutions Packaging

ERH Technology Solutions offers pricing options that give clients the choice of how they pay for IT services.  ERH also welcomes quote opportunities for project management or one-time hardware/software services.  

ERH Technology Solutions
Monthly Fee per Computer/Server -All Inclusive

An affordable fee per month for each computer or server is the premier option for businesses and schools who need to budget for IT services and minimize costly surprises.  Our all-inclusive bundled monthly fee per computer is the most comprehensive coverage which includes the following software packages and services:

Hourly Rate for IT Service

ERH Technology Solutions protects your company's IT infrastructure and data while providing the areas most competitive hourly rates.  

  • Remote & on-site support

  • Network troubleshooting 

  • Disaster recovery services

  • IT project management

  • Workstation setup & support

  • email & software integration/support

  • Etc.


ERH Technology Solutions
Project Pricing Quotes

There are times when businesses need an IT Expert to manage or assist with a special project such as a major network upgrade.   Projects we can help you with include:

ERH Technology Solutions
  • Network planning and implementation

  • Software planning and implementation 

  • Hardware upgrades 

  • Network vulnerability and compliance planning

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