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Managed IT

For small and medium sized businesses it is critical to find an IT Solutions Provider (ITSP) that possesses IT professionals with knowledge in your industry. ERH IT Professionals provide service at a level to fit your business needs and you won't pay for services you don't need. 

Contact us today to learn what ERH Technology Solutions can do for your business. 



Amazon Web Services is all about deploying, maintaining, monitoring and running applications in the cloud. Because on Cloud it’s easy for any organization to use that application whenever they want and wherever they want. We at Carmatec, work with our clients to assess the suitability and help them choose the best packages for their growth. With a well-defined maturity model, we are in the precise position to take your business to the Cloud, literally.

Remote Support

Not every problem requires one of our experts to go onsite to resolve it. With today’s technologies, we can remote into your computer and resolve problems; faster and more efficient.  But… rest easy knowing that if challenges can't be resolved remotely, we can have an expert onsite shortly to get your system(s) back up and running

Network Monitoring

We understand one size does not fit all!  We support each customer individually and match your specific network support needs...  No more, no less!  The ERH IT Professionals can manage or co-manage your network and proactively address issues before they affect your business. 

ERH Technology Solutions Network Monitoring uses proven industry software.  Our IT Professionals are alerted 24/7 for ultra-responsive reaction times which means minimal network interruptions and downtime. 

Cyber Security

Protecting your business network from threats, attacks, and viruses is what ERH excels at!  With our Cyber Security solutions you don't need to worry about your network being compromised as our Technical Professionals are proactive in keeping your network protected from threats at all times.

Cloud Backup

Backing up your businesses data is as important as locking your doors when you leave at night.  It has to happen!  Our backup solutions keep your data backed up off-site, contact us about and on-site option, so it is safe and secure when you need it.  We fully automate your backup solutions to fit your business needs. 


Are you implementing a new network?  Installing a major update?  Or are you embarking on a critical operating system upgrade?  Whatever IT project you may have, the ERH team has been there and done that!  We'd love to help at any level to make your next project a success.  Contact us about our IT Project Management Services. 

Spam Filtering

Spam filtering detects unsolicited, unwanted, and virus-infested email (called spam) and stops it from getting into email inboxes. ERH Technology Solutions uses the latest spam filter tools to make sure your organization is not distributing spam.

Virtual Chief Information Officer
Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Our years of experience operating in diverse IT environments can help you save time, reduce stress, and provide value to your business.  How?  We can assign an ERH IT Professional who will serve as your Virtual CIO to represent you while reviewing new technologies or resolving issues that involve any aspect of your technology.  vCIO advisors possess technical backgrounds, are familiar with a broad range of IT platforms and technologies, and will represent your business as if you employed your own CIO.  

Patch Managemet
Patch Mgmt.png

Patch management is the process that helps acquire, test and install multiple patches/updates on existing applications and software tools on a computer, enabling systems to stay updated on existing patches and determining which patches are the appropriate ones. ERH Technology Solutions will ensure that Microsoft Windows, Adobe, Microsoft Office and any other software you use, is up to date (within 30 days of patches).

ERH offers clients Dark Web Scans. A dark web scan is a detailed search through the dark web to determine if anyone is selling your personal information there.

Our software will search the dark web for your company by combing through its large databases of stolen usernames, passwords, Social Security numbers, and credit card numbers for sale to ensure your information is safe.

Dark Web Scanning
Help Desk Services

Through our phone, chat and ticket system assignment, you get access to our Help Desk team for virtually any IT support matter. We support all major commercial software packages, operating systems and even proprietary applications. Our Service Desk team can resolve connectivity and usage issues with PC’s, tablets, mobile devices, printers, servers and even consumer wares. This allows us to assist our clients quickly and get them back to work in minutes.

Active Directory Services

Active Directory is an administration system used by modern computer systems to automate network, security, and access management tasks in the Windows infrastructure.

ERH Technology Services Active Directory tools and administration are critical to the ongoing health of your entire network system and all connected devices. 

Active Directory Administration
Firewall Managemnt
Firewall Managment.jpg
Firewall Management Services

Protecting and managing your security infrastructure is more than keeping firewalls up-to-date with firmware updates.  ERH offers firewall setup and management, and ensures that they are deployed according to industry standards and best practices. ERH actively monitors your firewall, acts on critical alerts and proactively reports and downloads backups of your firewall configurations.

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