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Managed IT

IT Services for Education

"Morrill Public School District is very pleased with the new level of technical support we have received from ERH Technology Solutions. Jeromy Delgado has brought a wealth of knowledge to our District. ERH has been working closely with staff and administration to maintain, and update our existing infrastructure."

                                                   -Craig Manley, Technology Asst, Morrill Public Schools

The future of technology begins in our schools. Today’s K-12 and higher education leverage technology as part of their education experience. Educators feel more inclined than ever to embrace the digital classroom. Lead the way and connect with a technology partner focused on educators, like ERH Technology Solutions. We can help you implement realistic solutions and empower your staff to get the most out of technology in the classroom.

Our services allow your entire faculty to focus on what they love most, teaching. The ERH team specializes in how public and private K-12 schools use IT. We work closely alongside teachers, support staff, IT managers and Coordinators to provide scheduled services for schools including onsite support, telephone and remote assistancenetwork maintenance and other project management services.

The support we provide also benefits the students, with students being able to concentrate on learning, while we monitor the IT systems they use to learn.


Our IT Technicians have years of experience with supporting G Suite for Education products and services. We will fully manage your G Suite subscription and configure your Chromebook environment to suit the needs of your school.


Assistance to the school with submitting E-Rate reimbursements which can qualify the organization to be reimbursed for up to 90% for upgrades in internet services, VOIP phones, servers, network infrastructure, and the maintenance/support of your network.


A dark web scan is a detailed search through the dark web to determine if anyone is selling your personal information there.


Our software will search the dark web for your company by combing through its large databases of stolen usernames, passwords, Social Security numbers, and credit card numbers for sale to ensure your information is safe.


IT projects can be complex and time consuming. Our team of professionals specializes in guiding projects to on-time, on-budget completion.


Whether it’s design, planning, execution, monitoring, management of IT projects, or all of the above, our team of experts will walk with you every step of the way.

Remote Learning.jpg

Remote learning is a new way of life during our challenging quarantine times.  ERH ensures your remote learning solutions are optimized and provide the most positive experience for educators and students.  With proper technology, teachers and students can interact from home so learning may continue.


Are you required by your insurance provider to provide Cybersecurity education to your teachers and/or students? We can assist you. We have courses to educate your teachers, staff, and students if you choose, on the topics of Phishing, Malware, Clean Desk Policies, and more. Contact us today for more information.


The Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) offering from ERH Technology Solutions is designed to support institutions with systems and procedures that leverage the best possible use of their education technology solutions. Our team can help you plan and assess your school’s direction, maintain and improve infrastructure, enhance security and reduce costs.


CIPA Compliance relates to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), imposes certain types of requirements on any school or library that receives funding for Internet access or internal connections from the E-Rate program – a program that makes certain communications technology more affordable for eligible schools and libraries. 

ERH complies by using software for DNS filtering and for Web Filtering.


Things break and Technology doesn’t always do what we want it to do. Computers won’t turn on, the software won’t connect, phones need a reset, servers need updates, and the list goes on.

ERH will support every aspect of your school IT systems. Have a question? Contact us and our highly experienced IT staff will assist you every step of the way.


Whether its multiple computers and laptops, or if you have a server, we have the ability to backup all of your data in the cloud. This allows us to access to all of your backed up data from anywhere, anytime.

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