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Let's face it, computer problems come in all types and complexities.  99.5% of computer problems can be resolved by one of our professionals quickly, thus getting your computer back in working order with no headache for you.  They are trained to know exactly what to look for and how to correct it with no negative impact to other systems on your computer.


ERH brings you services that cover a vast number of computer support topics.  If it is computer related, you'll find it in our list of services.  Use a friendly ERH Tech to resolve your computer problems quickly and effectively.  Sit back, relax, and rely on ourTechs today!


Something you don't see?  Just call us and we will assign a Tech to assist you in resolve your issue.  Toll free: 1.888.699.3949.

Remote in home/office support

Whether at home or in the office,  one of our Techs can remotely accesses your computer and resolve your computer issues.  It's so easy!

Software installation & troubleshooting

Software problems and conflicts can be extremely frustrating and impact the overall performance of your computer in many negative ways.  Faulty software or settings can cause your computer performance to run very slow. We can discover what these issues are and resolve them in a timely manner.

Home Network Solutions

Working from home has never been easier with advances in home networking.  We can get all your devices connected and working together.  Work from home with ease using our support.

Remote Office -Work from home

ERH makes it so EASY to work from home.  With our technology, you can access all of those work files that are located on your work computer from home with ease! Our tech's will assist you the entire way through the process to ensure you are up and running as easily as possible.

Internet security

It's widely known the internet is a scary place.  Our techs know the pitfalls and places to avoid and how to set up your computer to avoid these traps.  We can help protect you on your internet journey.

Video Conferencing Support

Video conferencing is growing by leaps and bounds.  Be confident you are setup and optimized for your next important meeting, class or family talk. We help with ZOOM, Teams, Gotomeeting & more. 

Hardware troubleshooting

There are times when your computer may experience a hardware failure and require a replacement part.  We can assist with this process and find solutions to get your computer functioning ASAP!

Family Computer Support

Helping loved ones with their computer needs is difficult.  Purchase a support package for them and let us take the frustration of you having to help them.  We can help them every step of the way. They call, we help!

Computer Consulting

Allow our experts to assist you with general questions when it comes to anything about computers or software.  Looking to buy a new computer?  Talk to our Techs to help you buy "SMART!"  

Data Recovery

There is almost no worse feeling to have a computer fail and seemingly lose all your data.  Our Tech Experts are skilled in retrieving your data and getting it back in your hands.  Rely on us for data recovery.

Clean Malware and Viruses

Nothing can stop your computer in it's tracks worse than malware or a virus.  Today it takes expert knowledge to rid your computer of an aggressive infection.  Our Techs are ready to help. 

100GB cloud back-up

Your data, pictures, videos and files are important.  If you don't have a backup solution, you risk loosing it all if your computer fails, is lost or stolen.  Protect your information with our cloud backup solution.  

Updates for Windows & software

Keeping your computer updated is the most simple way to keep your computer running in tip-top shape.  The problem is that many update are not automatic.  Our system is setup to automatically install updates from Microsoft, Adobe and more!

Setup Printers, scanners & more

Setting up printers, scanners, fax machines & other hardware devices can be intimidating and frustrating if you have never done it.  Our Techs can monitor and lead you through the process. 

Small Office Networking

Small office environments are prevalent across the United States.  Many of us work in a small office and rely on the computer network everyday.  Our Techs are always available to support you. 

Computer Training

Are you new to computers or learning to expand your depth in specific areas of computing or software.  We offer one-on-one training so you can improve your skills.  Contact a training Tech today! 

On-site Tech Support (Quote)

While our monthly support subscriptions address the vast majority of our customers, sometimes our clients request to have a Tech Pro on-site for their hardware  installations and support. Call for a quote today! 1.888.699.3949  

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