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“Information is not knowledge.”— Albert Einstein

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

One of our co-workers was out with the family one night for dinner, and the topic came up about how people were more engaged with their mobile devices, than with the people around them. This got us thinking about how many apps there are for everything and although we try to disconnect, we worry that we are missing an important email, a text message from a loved one, or any other “emergencies”.

It got us thinking… what are some of the strategies for living harmoniously with our mobile devices? We came across this 2-3 minute article that outlines some strategies that can help! What surprised us was that the article states that multitasking decreases efficiency, focus and clarity of mind – which is something we all need to hold on to.

Take a good read – and try 1 new habit and see how it goes. Until next time, have a FANTASTIC week!

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